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Toyo Tire Corporation is a tire and rubber products company based in Japan. The company started in 1945. In 1966, the company expanded to the United States as Toyo Tire USA Corporation. In 1999, Nitto Tire North America was established.

Toyo Tire supervisors create a stressful and hostile working environment, and employees are forced to work on their day offs, an actual employee claims at

"It was very stressful and poor management. Supervisors create a hostile environment for employees, especially in the mixing department. You’re being told one thing during orientation but once you go through orientation everything is different. Employees are being forced to work on their days off, if you don’t come in you might lose your job."


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Former Employee - Tire Builder says

"sweat shop only cared about production"

Former Employee - Manufacturing Technician says

"Forced all the time. 2-2-3 schedule was good but every of rotation you are forced one or both days."

Former Employee - Mixer Operator says

"Forced Overtime Toxic supervisors Long hours Very hot conditions Broken dust collectors for chemical dust Supervisors will allow employees to work under the influence of alcohol and other drugs"

Former Employee - Cureman says

"Management is a joke, HR is not there for you, especially if get hurt on the job. They praise the lazy and expect the hard workers to pick up the slack."

Current Employee - Maintenance says

"Forced over time when you have a work schedule in advance. Different information from department supervisors an managers."

Former Employee - Staff says

"Fellow female employee in supervisory position bullied me since day one. My direct supervisor was constantly making inappropriate comments and remarks. It was hell."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bully, harassment, gender discrimination, ALL checked. Female supervisor bullying her staff AND another female employee in a separate department, yet the president of the company praise her. Brown nose your way up or sleep your way in for OT."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Favoritism by the top existed."

Current Employee - Manufacturing Technician says

"Poor senior management relationships with employees, HR does not work for hourly employees, people in front office blatantly look down on their workers"

Former Employee - Director Pricing says

"Poor Communication - Mainly Japanese people who do not speak or understand other language Inefficient HR - Abuses employees ,believes in firing people with out any reason or justification Arrogant legal department - Hostile environment to work. Lack of any defined policies gives an full leverage to HR and Legal to treat employess as their bonded servant. Stone age technology - stil reeling with paper trail all across organization . Age old processes and everything/anything has to be translated in Japanese language to make management understand ."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"High Stress job and terrible senior management. Get ready to work min 72 hours a week and be spoken to without respect. Not a good place to work and would not recommend.Terrible senior management"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Poor management there is no career advancement you just lifting tires everyday.The mamager and the supervisor are very unprofessional they treat you as animal they keep pushing you to lift tires from morning till you finish your shift. very unsafe to work with. very heavy job.unsafe environmentno"

Manufacturing Technician (Current Employee) says

"it's a good paying job, but the overnight hours take a toll on your body and family, and it's very hard to get a shift swap if you're in desperate need of one."

Manufacturing Technician/Analyst (Current Employee) says

"2 star overall.. doesn't really care about employees job is very tedious at times. You have employees crying for help with issues that go on everyday at the job and no one seems to caregreat employeespoor management"

Mixing Operator and Fork Lift Driver (Former Employee) says

"While the wages paid are decent, 12 hour swing shifts consume your life. Opportunities for growth and/or transfer were minimal. Even with medical documentation, absences were not tolerated."

Utilities Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Inadequate design documents to predictably maintain equipment, resulting in forced equipment and process shutdowns. Plant Management and Engineering Management content to deal with safety and reliability issues rather than designing the problems away.Problem solving skills will acccel, people and process.Lack of Management accountability."

Manufacturing tech (Current Employee) says

"still a young company so hopefully they will get it right one day. work in my department was not compensated well enough .extremely hot in summer cold in winter ."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"production runs the show ive been in maintenance for a long time and never seen a place run equipment in the ground because production calls the shoots over the maintenance manpays goodhot and horrible managers"

Wrapping Apex Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"the Work is relentless, and the push for production is unsafe, and so the pay is not quite enough. It is airconditioned, and I'll give it that. Women should think twice before trying it."

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"management is not organized and is unfair to its employees only worrying about dollar amounts and not employees safety, but working here 8 years out of high school has been some accomplishments in my career and now i am more mechanically inclined knowing all the processes.kinda good insuranceshort breaks, office managment"

Final Finish Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I would go back for more money they just don't pay enough the food service is good they give you good breaks and they let outside vendors come in and set up so you can buy foodclean enviromentnot good pay unless you have been there for 5 plus years"

Ribbon Rubber Extruder Operator (Former Employee) says

"This is a production type of work. The more production is put out the better. Top quality made tires are expected. A clean environment is a must to maintain the highest level of production. Machines should be well taken care of to produce the best quality of tires."

Machine Technician (Current Employee) says

"the job is laid back for people just getting in the work place. But not an ideal place for one whose enjoy quality time with family. The best thing is on day one of hire ones insurance is applied."

Chemical Operator (Former Employee) says

"good place to make money,very hot during the summer.feel good in the winter.lots of overtime. Hard work in mixing but lots of money to be maid little time to spend with family."

mixing technician (Current Employee) says

"Toyo has a 3 on 2 off 2 on 3 off schedule which isn't too bad except you're scheduled to work every other weekend. If you're in the mixing department they never have enough employees so you're forced to work as much as they need you"